School Visits

I run a ‘How to Make a Book’ workshop, which covers researching, creative thinking, drawing skills, writing skills and self-editing, as well as working as a team. This is a two day workshop either for schools or children’s summer schemes, that can be broken down into 8 one hour lessons.

Having worked in publishing for over ten years covering all aspects of book production and also having experience of running art workshops in schools, I created fun and accessible course with supporting materials and worksheets to take children at primary school on a project from ideation to creation as a team.

Working together in groups of 2-5 they will create a lovely non-fiction book on a curriculum supporting topic. This can reinforce that semesters leaning and leave them as well as leaving them with the achievement of having made a physical book, they have engineered from their own tastes and perspectives. The materials are only available with a school visit, though I just attend 1- 4 visits as the budget of the school can accommodate. If only one visit is possible, I can provide teachers notes free of charge once session one is complete. The wonderful thing about this course is the emphasis for children to find their own way to process and translate information, helping them find the practical approaches that make information engaging and memorable for them.