Secrets Of Series

The Secrets of Series invites children to take a sneak peek into strange and familiar small worlds. Each title has a gentle narrative taking you through each habitat and revealing the hidden wildlife just below the surface. The special thing about these books is the ‘shine a light’ design which allows the hidden world to shine through when you to hold the colour page up to light.

I was involved in the concept development, Design, Visualising and Art Direction across the series.

They have been hugely popular in the US, published by Kane Miller.

A review of Secrets of the Rainforest can be found here


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secrets-of-the-seashore-1-9781782401100-976x976 secrets-of-the-seashore-2-seashore1-976x976 secrets-of-the-seashore-3-seashore2-976x976


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