I Could Have Done That

by Guy Field

Try your hand at creating your own quirky pictures inspired by the world’s most famous artists with more than 25 guided drawing projects, from Picasso-style portraits and Kandinsky abstracts to marvellous Mondrians and Matisses.

I worked closely with Guy on this one on general design, choosing base typography to both compliment his art style and briefing the names illustrated in the artists style to compliment the activity, creating bold openers – We didn’t need to translate names for co-ed partners, and I wanted to take full advantage of this.

I also gave the book really clear structure design wise so we had a reliable pace and visual language throughout, meaning Guy could really play with the other elements, so that the book has a cohesiveness without being repetitive. Guy’s vision was very clear so it was great to work with him on this to make the book as usable and inviting as possible for the audience.

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