Story Path

Story Path is an interactive book which allows young children to create their own stories, using visual prompts.

I am very proud of this concept as it brings together all the things I love about working in books for children – from the parent and child bonding, to play, to enhancing imagination and language skills, and to using a books format in a new and exciting way.

I was orginally briefed with creating a ‘follow the line’ activity book, and then had the idea to create a path with a mix and match element, so children could use their imagination and creativity to conjure up their own mad adventures.

The book has a quirky feel but also has some obvious routes, which are themed – this was to allow children more comfortable with ‘organising/grouping’ to get started.

Its a unisex book and was illustrated by the fabulous Madalena Motoso, who’s work is by nature very conceptual and stylistically full of character, without being too prescribed. The book was edited by Kate Baker. We made sure there was plenty of detail for the children to pick up on to enhance their stories, as well as a prompt section to aid lone play and also help adults enhance the experience.