30 Seconds Series

The 30 Seconds series is an introduction to a wide range of topics. Each spread contains an image which is a visual overview of the subject, so that was really key for the design. We worked together to create visual concepts, in the most fresh and simple approach possible. The most important part of the design was to make clear and engaging artworks, that can invite the reader in.

With the first book (Space) already created when I became Art Director, I reworked the way in which we put these books together pushing for more collaboration between editorial and design much earlier on the process. I feel this really helped to create the most hardworking illustrations possible.

A review for Earth in 30 Seconds can be found here




oceans-in-30-seconds-1-9781782402398-976x976 oceans-in-30-seconds-2-oceans1-976x976 oceans-in-30-seconds-4-oceans3-976x976



ancient-egypt-in-30-seconds-1-k-aneg_cvr_pbf_uk-976x976 ancient-egypt-in-30-seconds-2-egypt1-976x976
inventions-in-30-seconds-1-9781782401483-976x976 inventions-in-30-seconds-3-inventions2-976x976 inventions-in-30-seconds-4-inventions3-976x976



science-ideas-in-30-seconds-1-9781782401087-976x976 science-ideas-in-30-seconds-5-science4-976x976 science-ideas-in-30-seconds-2-science1-976x976